CNC Machining

Our advanced CNC machining capabilities ensure precision and efficiency, featuring state-of-the-art equipment for a wide range of manufacturing needs. Our CNC machinery consists of two machining centres and three turning lathes.

HAAS VF-6/50 Machining Centre

X=1626 mm, Y=813 mm, Z=762 mm
Max weight on table: 1814 kg
Table size: 1626 mm x 711 mm

Max spindle speed 7500 rpm
Max spindle torque 460 Nm
Through spindle coolant

4th-axis HRT 450 mm

HAAS VF-2 Machining Centre

X=762 mm, Y=406 mm, Z=508 mm
Max weight on table: 1361 kg
Table size: 914 mm x 356 mm

Max spindle speed: 10000 rpm
Through spindle coolant

4th-axis HRT 210 mm

HAAS TL-25 Turning Lathe

Live tooling
Full C-axis
Max turning diameter 406 mm
Max turning length 863 mm
Spindle bore 76.2 mm

HAAS ST-10 Turning Lathe

Max turning diameter 356 mm
Max turning length 356 mm
Tail stock
Spindle bore 45 mm

HAAS Servo bar

Bar capacity Ø10 mm up to Ø70 mm
Bar length = 1524 mm

HAAS TL-2 Turning Lathe

Max turning diameter 406 mm
Max turning length 1219 mm
Spindle bore 75 mm

Water Jet Cutting

We utilise high-pressure water jet cutting to achieve precise cuts on various materials, providing flexibility and accuracy for intricate designs. 

APW 2010BB

Work area 1000 x 2000 mm
Max pressure 4200 bar


We offer professional welding using multiple techniques to work with diverse metals, delivering strong and reliable welds. 

Welding methods:

We weld:

Tube Bending

Our tube bending services combine manual expertise with CNC technology to create accurate bends for various tube sizes and shapes. 

Four machines are used for tube bending, a CNC tube bending machine, two hydraulic and one electric. When bending small radii we use a mandrel to maintain the tube's shape. We bend tubes from Ø10 mm up to Ø48.3 mm and with the CNC tube bending machine tubes Ø25 mm and Ø30 mm.

Surface Treatment

We provide a variety of surface treatments to enhance the appearance and durability of your products.

For polishing we use mechanical polishing machines and we subcontract electrolyte polishing.

Sheet Handling

Our sheet handling services utilize advanced machinery for precise bending and grinding, accommodating a range of material sizes and thicknesses. 

For sheet handling we use a CNC controlled press brake, and a grinding machines for wet and dry processing.

Amada Promecam ITPS 100/3 Press brake

Width: 3.1 m
Force: 100 t

Loewer SmartGrinder SG 300 KK Grinding machine

Working width: 300 mm
Material thickness: 0,5 mm - 150 mm

Other Machinery

We are equipped with a variety of manual and CNC machines to handle diverse manufacturing tasks, ensuring comprehensive support for your projects. 

CNC Band Saw Bauer HS 260 ZA

Ø260 mm
320×240 mm

Manual Machines