We Make it Possible

W I - B O   M E T A L L

CNC Machining

We deliver precise and efficient CNC machining services, ensuring high-quality production tailored to your specifications.


Our welding services employ advanced techniques to work with various metals, guaranteeing durable and professional results.

Tube Bending

With both manual and CNC tube bending capabilities, we provide accurate and customised tube bending solutions.

Surface Treatment

We offer a range of surface treatments, including mirror polishing, glass blasting, brushing, and sanding, to achieve the ideal finish for your projects.

About Us

Wi-Bo metall is a dynamic metal workshop with a global perspective, proudly rooted in its origins from Kruunupyy since 1968 and now thriving in Pietarsaari as of 2023. Specialising in the manufacture of high-quality marine products, we work with a diverse range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, CuNiFe, and, when required, standard iron.

Our core expertise lies in producing custom-made components, often as prototypes or in small batches, precisely tailored to our clients' specifications. These products are meticulously crafted based on detailed plans or drawings, ensuring every piece meets the highest standards of excellence.

A significant aspect of our service is our collaborative approach to product development. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that each product is not only highly functional but also optimised for efficient manufacturing. This method helps us maintain cost-effectiveness while upholding superior quality.

At Wi-Bo metall, our philosophy is simple: whatever the need, we make it possible.